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REAAA is publishing technical reports/compendia to share technical know-how and experiences with REAAA members and participating countries of the Heads of Road Authorities (HORA) Meetings. The technical reports are prepared based on the outcome of discussions and presentations at the HORA meetings. The annual HORA meeting is organised by REAAA. Seven such meetings have been held and the 8th HORA Meeting was held in September 2009 in Incheon City, Korea.

First Technical Report (TC-1): The first report entitled `Guide to the Privatisation of Expressways and Highways` was published in November 2008


The first Technical Report: `Guide to the Privatisation of Expressways and Highways`

Technical Report (TC-2)- 'Compendium on Disaster Risk Management' was published in September 2009


Technical Report (TC-3)- 'Compendium on Good Practisec of the Effiecient Opreation of the Road Network' was published in September 2010

The Technical Reports are available for REAAA members only.


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