Local Chapters have been set up in Australia, Brunei, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand
and the Philippines.

A local chapter is established to pursue the objectives of the Association in a local region, outside Malaysia, subject to the law of the country. The Establishment of local chapters is encouraged in view of the growing membership in local areas. Local chapters shall have the power to approve membership to the Association under the REAAA Constitution, subject to meeting any requirements which the Council may require from time to time. All local chapters shall report in full their activities to the Governing Council of the Association.

Local chapters greatly benefit its members by giving them the opportunity to exchange technology and information with the international membership of REAAA. Furthermore, they can access to international technical information as well as information from international associations. – REAM – REAAA New Zealand Chapter

Australia Chapter

The REAAA Australian Chapter was formed shortly after the formation of REAAA in 1973. For almost 50 years, the REAAA Australian Chapter has been promoting the science and practice of road transport engineering in the Asia-Pacific region through developing professional and commercial links within, and between, member countries. Its main objectives are international knowledge exchange and building international networks and partnerships among members.

There are currently 78 members, including 68 Ordinary Members, two Institutional members, six Honorary Members and two Life Members. Members represent the full gamut of those involved in the road and transport industry in Australia, including government, consultants, research organisations and education centres. The member profile ranges in age from the mid-70’s to recent graduates. Emphasis is currently being placed on attracting young professionals and engineers.

The Australian Chapter holds two key positions within the REAAA Governing Council. The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) has been a Vice President of REAAA since its inception and the Chapter also holds the position of Chair of the Technical Committee as a co-opted member of REAAA. The Vice-President is represented by Dr Mike Shackleton of ARRB, whilst Mr Kieran Sharp is the Chair of the Technical Committee.

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Chapter, Dr Richard Yeo, Chief Operating Officer at ARRB, was elected as Chair, replacing Kieran Sharp. He will represent the Chapter at future Governing Council meetings.

The Chapter also has a very active branch based in Western Australia; it stages regular local events throughout the year.

Emphasis in 2021 is being placed on attracting more members, particularly members in the eastern states of Australia, and also more young professionals, who are seen as the future of the Chapter. The Chapter established a LinkedIn page in 2019, and this is available to all members of REAAA. Issues to be examined in 2021, in terms of communications, include the need for a Facebook page, a Twitter account, webinars, a Newsletter and a local website. The Chapter also wants to organise for guest speakers to give presentations, either personally or remotely; it will also be looking into organising a symposium, on a topic to be agreed, later in 2021.

The Chair of the Australian Chapter, Dr Richard Yeo, can be contacted at: General correspondence should be directed to:

Brunei Chapter

Korea Chapter

The REAAA Korean Chapter was established in October 2001 to facilitate international
technological cooperation and knowledge exchange in road transport sector. As a focal point
of REAAA activities in Korea, it provides opportunities to exchange ideas for road
professionals in the region, furthermore, contributes to the collective learning in the REAAA’s
network together with all member countries. (Visit us:

Malaysia Chapter

New Zealand Chapter

Philippines Chapter