Honorary Membership

A person of outstanding eminence and long experience in the science and practice of road engineering who has contributed outstanding services to the Association.  Honorary Membership is recommended to Council and approved by members by ballot.

Election of Honorary Membership

Election of Honorary Membership for the term of 16th REAAA Council, REAAA Secretariat received twelve (12) nominations from member countries. Mr Brendan John Marsh, Mr Tom Wilmot AM, FIE Aust., Dr. Achmad Hermanto Dardak, Mr Gandhi Harahap, Dr. Danis Hidayat Sumadilaga, Mr Asao Yamakawa, Mr Yasumasa Torii, Dato’ Sri Ir. Dr. Judin Abdul Karim, Dato’ Ir. Dr. Dennis Ganendra, Dr. Angel L. Lazaro III, Mr Salvador A. Pleyto, and Dr. Aram Kornsombut have been elected Honorary members in accordance with REAAA Constitution Article 4(3)(a)(i).

The ballot papers were sent out to members and the secretariat is still receiving and counting votes from members until 25 March 2021.

The process and the plaques for the twelve(12) Honorary memberships have been proposed by the Scrutinising Committee and endorsed at the Council meeting.

The presentation of the Honorary Membership will be held in conjunction with the 16th REAAA Conference 2021 in the Philippines/Hybrid on Sept 2021.

Honorary Membership list

1Bultaz A AquinoPhilippinesDeceased
2Wang Chang-ChingTaiwanActive
3Thean Lip ThongMalaysiaDeceased
4Chaleo VajrabukkaThailandDeceased
5J.J. W LauireSwitzerlandDeceased
6Huen Yeong ChingAustraliaDeceased
7Donald Hector, AitkenAustraliaDeceased
8Tan Sri Dato’ Ir Muhd Yusuff B Muhd YunusMalaysiaDeceased
9Dr. Sadamu MinoJapanDeceased
10Mah Guan SengMalaysiaDeceased
11Dr. Moh, Za-ChiehTaiwanActive
12Prof. Ian JohnstonAustraliaActive
13Dr. John MetcalfeAustraliaActive
14Tan Sri Dato’ Ir Dr. Wan Abdul Rahman Wan YaacobMalaysiaDeceased
15Kieran Gerard, SharpAustraliaActive
16Hendrianto NotosoegondoIndonesiaActive
17Sunaryo SumadjiIndonesiaActive
18Kwang-Ung, HwangKoreaActive
19Tan Sri Dato’ Ir. Talha Bin Hj Mohamad HashimMalaysiaActive
20Ian Lester, StenbergNew ZealandActive
21Rasuman, Bashir DPhilippinesActive
22AP Gopinath MenonSingaporeActive
23Prof. Chang Chia JuchTaiwanActive
24Tavepatana TinamasThailandActive
25John Gerard WaldronAustraliaActive
26Philip LadnerAustraliaResigned
27Raymond John FarrellyAustraliaResigned
28Poedji RahardjoIndonesiaActive
29Ruslan DiwiryoIndonesiaActive
30Dr. Kyung Soo YooKoreaActive
31Keon Chang ChoKoreaActive
32Dato’ Ir. Han Joke KwangMalaysiaActive
33Dato’ Ir. Chew Swee HockMalaysiaActive
34Mr Richard Thomas SteelNew ZealandActive
35Mike RudgeNew ZealandActive
36Jaime Abarsoza PacananPhilippinesActive
37Dr. Mao Chi-KuoTaiwanActive
38Brendan John MarshAustraliaActive
39Tom WilmotAustraliaActive
40DR. Achmad Hermanto DardakIndonesiaDeceased
41Ir. Gandhi HarahapIndonesiaActive
42Dr. Danis Hidayat SumadilagaIndonesiaActive
43Asao YamakawaJapanActive
44Yasumasa ToriiJapanActive
45Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Judin Abdul KarimMalaysiaActive
46Dato’ Ir. Dr. Dennis GanendraMalaysiaActive
47Dr. Angel L. Lazaro IIIPhilippinesActive
48Salvador PleytoPhilippinesActive
49Dr. Aram KornsombutThailandActive