REAAA General Meeting

The General Meeting of the Association is held every two to four years.
Election and installation of the Governing Council for the next term is among the highlights of the meeting. Please refer to the Constitution Article XV on the tenure of office, nomination and election of officers, and Article XVI on the meetings of the Association.

The transaction of the general business of the Association including the tabling of the Honorary Secretary-General Report and the Honorary Treasurer-General Report will be held for every general meeting.

The General Meeting is always held in conjunction with the REAAA Conference.




March 2013

September 2009

14th Gen.Meeting

13th Gen.Meeting

Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Incheon, Korea

November  2006

12th  Gen.Meeting

Manila, The Philippines

May          2003

11th  Gen.Meeting

Cairns, Australia

September 2000

10th  Gen.Meeting

Tokyo, Japan

May          1998

9th  Gen.Meeting

Wellington, New Zealand

April          1995

8th   Gen.Meeting

Taipei, Taiwan

June          1992

7th   Gen.Meeting

Singapore, Singapore

March       1990

6th   Gen.Meeting

Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

August      1986

5th    Gen.Meeting

Adelaide, Australia

April          1981

3rd   Gen.Meeting

Taipei, Taiwan

February    1979

2nd  Gen.Meeting

Manila, The Philippines

February    1976

1st    Gen.Meeting

Bangkok, Thailand