118th Meeting of REAAA Governing Council (2022), Christchurch, New Zealand

The 118th Governing Council meeting was held on 18th October 2022 in Christchurch, New Zealand, in conjunction with the REAAA New Zealand Chapter Roadshow 2022.

The Roadshow was held on Monday 17th October 2022. This seminar was a selection of New Zealand presenters that traveled the country and presented the same presentations in Auckland, Taupo, Wellington, and Christchurch. The New Zealand committee selected the presentations for the seminar after a call for papers has been sent out. The New Zealand committee has also extended the invitation to the REAAA council members to attend the conference while they are in New Zealand attending the council meeting. The seminar was successful, with 60 participants attending including, the President, Dr. Sung Hwan Kim, the Vice President(s), Dato’ Seri Ir. Haji Mohamad Zulkefly Sulaiman, Mr. Katsugi Hashiba, Dr. Ir Hedy Rahadian, the Honorary Secretary-General, Ir. Mohd Shahrom Ahmad Saman, Council members from Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and the host country, New Zealand. The YEP members and the secretariat members from the members’ countries also attended the seminar.

Council members who also participated in the seminar
Some of the participants who attended the seminar

The 22nd Young Engineers and Professionals (YEP) meeting was held on 18th October before the Pre-Council meeting and the 118th REAAA Council meeting. The Pre-Council meeting was attended by President Dr. Sung-Hwan Kim, Vice President Dato’ Seri Ir. Haji  Mohamed Zulkefly, Vice President Mr. Hashiba Katsugi, Vice President Dr Ir Hedy Rahadian, the Honorary Secretary-General, Ir. Mohd Shahrom, Ms.IO Song of the Korean Road Association, and the Executive Secretary, Mrs.Zalilahwati. Several important decisions were made and key proposals were discussed at the Pre-Council meeting.

Members at the 22nd YEP meeting

The REAAA Governing Council held its 118th meeting, which was also the 3rd Council Meeting for the 17th Council Term, on 18th October 2022 in Christchurch, New Zealand. The meeting was successful, with 29 of the 36 Council members attending in hybrid (physical and online). A total of 52 delegates from 8 countries which are Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan attended the meeting physically. Mr. Geoff Allan of Austroads, Australia represented PIARC in this meeting. Apart from that, 20 participants joined the meeting on the zoom platform.

The President, Dr. Sung Hwan Kim has extended his sincere appreciation to all Council members for giving up their time to attend the meeting. The President conveyed apologies on behalf of  Council members who were unable to join the physical meeting.

Six years ago, the 80th Council Meeting was held on March 15, 2006, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Several issues addressed at the meeting included preparation for the 119th and 120th Governing Council meeting, the Terms of Reference(TOR) for the Smart Highway Award, the preparation for the REAAA 50th anniversary, the redevelopment of the REAAA website, collaboration with PIARC, IRF, and UN ESCAP/ADB and others.

The 118th REAAA Council meeting also noted that the Finance Committee requests the local Chapters and council members to help collect and remittance of current and overdue membership subscriptions. The panel agrees with all Council members to promote REAAA and to recruit a minimum of 3 institutional members in 2023. The council members are requested to provide any suggestions to improve REAAA’s finances.

The 118th Governing Council meeting in Christchurch, New Zealand, and Hybrid

The 119th Governing Council meeting will be held in Singapore tentatively from 8th to 10th May 2023. The conference is to be hosted by the Land and Transport Authority (LTA) Singapore.

The 120th Governing Council meeting will be held in Bali with the REAAA 50th  Anniversary. The meeting has endorsed that the 119th Governing Council Meeting will be jointly hosted by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, the Republic of Indonesia, and the Indonesia Road and Development Association(IRDA) between August and September 2023.

The host has planned various events to celebrate the presence of the guests including, a technical program, welcome reception, and farewell dinners.

The organizer accompanied the participants on a tram tour around the city of Christchurch and they enjoyed the beautiful scenery, cleanliness, and road transport system in the town.

The participants also took on a technical tour at the Canterbury Accelerated Pavement Testing Indoor Facility (CAPTIF) Road Research Centre.

The participants were divided into several groups to facilitate the presentation of the activities at the center. The Canterbury Accelerated Pavement Testing Indoor Facility (CAPTIF) Road Research Centre carries out accelerated road pavement testing. The facility tests different types of pavement as well as surfacing under a revolving, loaded dual-tired truck wheel that closely replicates actual road conditions.

CAPTIF has the technology and personnel to test various pavement and vehicle properties and the interaction between their interaction. Regular road construction equipment is used to build the test pavement and, standard heavy vehicle components are fitted to the loading apparatus.

Participants upon arrival at Canterbury Accelerated Pavement Testing Indoor Facility (CAPTIF) Road Research Centre
Group photo in front of a tram in Christchurch
Take pictures together around the city