12th REAAA Conference (2006), Manila, Philippines

The12th Conference in Manila was held on November 20-24, 2006. The five-day event recorded the following achievements:

  • A well-attended Conference with 600 delegates
  • 7 outstanding keynote speakers
  • 84 technical papers presented
  • Katahira Awards presented to 6 outstanding papers
  • Concurrent events successfully held:
    • Exhibition
    • Technical Tours -N.Luzon Expressway & Clark-Subic-Tarlac Expressway
    • 5th HORA Meeting
    • 81st & 82nd Council meeting
    • 12th REAAA General Meeting
Delegates and guests at the opening ceremony of the 12th REAAA Conference
The Malaysian delegation with more than 50 delegates was one of the largest to the 12th REAAA Conference