21st REAAA YEP Meeting (2022) @Zoom Meeting

The 21st REAAA Young Engineers And Professionals (YEP) meeting was held virtually on 23rd March 2022 in conjunction with the 117th REAAA Governing Council Meeting and the 9th REAAA Business Forum. This was the first YEP meeting in the 17th Council term. It also marked the fifth time a YEP meeting was held through an online platform since the COVID-19 pandemic commenced in 2020.

The meeting was attended by YEP representatives from Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, and Singapore. A total of 28 members, including the REAAA President and Honorary Secretary-General, Ir Mohd Shahrom bin Ahmad Saman, were present during the meeting. Governing Council members Mr Kieran Sharp from Australia and Mr Sugiyartanto from Indonesia also attended, along with Madam Zalilahwati, who represented the REAAA Secretariat.