2nd Mino Best Project Award Ceremony – Deadline extension to 31st December 2020

Mark your calendar!

The 113th REAAA Council meeting decided to extend the submission deadline and corresponding timeline to give the participants more time.

The new schedule is;

31st December 2020 : Deadline for nomination

End of February 2021 : Announcement of award winners by the Committee

March 2021 : Endorsement of the Council for winners at the 114 CM on Web.

The Second Mino Best Project Award Ceremony will be carried out at the 16th REAAA Conference which will be held in 2021 in Manila, Philippines.

The completed nomination form should be sent to:

Secretariat of Mino Project Award Committee

E-mail:  reaaa.technical@gmail.com

The Committee hopes that many projects will be submitted by the deadline.