The meeting held on 5 November 2015 in Seoul, Korea. Deputy Secretary-General of PIARC Mr Robin Sébille opened the meeting. Mr Sébille stated that this was the first meeting of regional road associations and that he had to thank Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) for initiating this idea. President of PIARC Mr Oscar de Buen Richkarday joined Mr Sébille in stating that meeting of regional associations is a very welcomed idea. Many road organisations and associations are active in various parts of the world and this meeting was an opportunity for them to meet.

Four aims were established for the first meeting:

  1. To facilitate dialogue for stronger cooperation in the future, organisations should get a better understanding of different actors, what they do and what are the topics of their interest.
  2. Members of PIARC to have an opportunity to meet and to discuss the next PIARC council meeting in South-Africa.
  3. Participants can make closer contacts between organisations if there is such a need.
  4. To have exchange of contacts and to establish a first directory of contacts as a resource to the regional road organisations.

Mr de Buen Richkarday suggested for the meeting of regional associations to become an annual event that could take place at the annual PIARC council meetings.