REAAA Newsletter 2016-01

Welcome Address from President

Welcome to this edition of the REAAA Newsletter! On behalf of the Council members, I would like to congratulate everyone for their efforts in ensuring the success of the recent events in Seoul and Dubai.

I also thank you, the members, for giving me the honour of serving you over the last few years. I look forward to my last year as President, and the hard work to come so that we can meet the challenges ahead. I also thank the CEO and the Secretariat for helping to ensure that the Association continues to meet its collective needs today and into the future.

Currently, we have over 1,800 members in 33 countries. Many of you have been engaged in efforts on behalf of the Association to advance our collective interests through your participation in various committees. Thank you to the members who have taken the time to contribute to these initiatives.

Looking Forward to the Following Meetings in Tokyo, Japan

Four important meetings and events which are of great interest and significant to REAAA will be held in Tokyo, Japan, in November 2016:

  • 104th Governing Council Meeting
  • 10th Young Engineers/Professionals (YEP) Meeting
  • 3rd REAAA Business Forum (BF) – New Technologies on Road Construction
  • Highway Techno Fair (HTF), which is being held from 1st to 2nd November 2016 at the Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan.

A Glimpse from CEO….

One day in 2014, one of my colleagues approached me for helping Dr. Hermanto Dardak (HD), for his Presidency REAAA. Why me…? You know REAAA and IRDA well, and you know PK HD very much. The request was understandable, as HD is too busy on his day-day work as Vice Minister for Ministry of Public Works..

At this stage, I thought, my role could just only be a kind of ‘liaison’, particularly in relation with the communication between Jkt vs KL. Anyway, as an “easy going Malay”, my answer was just “For By helping-helping: cincay, lah…!” “Insha Allah…” Then, came the Bali Conference, when we have an informal small meeting, where Mr. Gerald Waldron explained “the REAAA Strategic Plan”, and

the intention to assign a CEO… It’s become very serious, isn’t it…? Then came the Manila Council Meeting, where the ‘dilemma’ arose: hiring a CEO vc poor financial situation of REAAA. Mr. Dioko Murjarto (DM) of IRDA proposed a compromise solution, that CEO can be from Indonesia, and will be coasted to IRDA; which then accepted by the Meeting. The REAAA problem was solved, but it was a beginning of a kind of jumbled work for GH. The REAAA “Strategic Plan” was good; and in fact even too good for the ongoing condition of REAAA.

15th REAAA Conference

Preparation for the 15th REAAA Conference, a premier event for the regional association, have been intensified. The Host Indonesia is making serious efforts to ensure that it will be highly successful event.

The REAAA Governing Council at its 102nd meeting endorsed the dates, venue and the theme after a briefing by the Conference Organiser Chairman, Dr.Teguh Rahardjo on progress of the preparation for the Conference.

• Date: March 22-24, 2017
• Venue: Bali Nusa Dua Hotel & Convention, Bali, Indonesia • Theme: “Roads for Better Living”

11th HORA Meeting

Head of Road Authorities (HORA) share experiences in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP). At the 101st REAAA Council Meeting, the CEO proposed that the HORA program be re-activated. He proposed that HORA meetings be held once a year and that the Korean Chapter be asked to host the next HORA meeting in Seoul in conjunction with the PIARC World Congress and the 102nd Governing Council meeting in November 2015.

The 11th HORA Meeting was held on 2 November 2015 to discuss Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in road transport systems. It was an opportunity for senior government officials to share their experiences carrying out private-public projects in road networks. HORA members from eight(8) countries presented report on projects now underway in their jurisdiction, commenting on both the success and the pitfalls they encountered.

REAAA Business Forum New Technologies on Road Construction

Road technology always ends up with its application by business entities. The Business Forum (“BF”) is to provide the opportunity to connect Business-to-Business and Government-to-Business in road engineering technologies in Asia and Australasia region. REAAA organized the BF twice: the 1st BF took place in Bali, Indonesia in April, 2014 and the 2nd was held in Sydney, Australia in October, 2014. The 3rd REAAA Business Forum is planned to be held in Tokyo on 1st November 2016. The theme of the 3rd BF is “New Technologies on Road Construction.”

It is expected to exchange road engineering information and to enhance relationship among business persons, institutions, and companies of REAAA member countries.

103rd Meeting of REAAA Governing Council, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The REAAA Governing Council held its 103rd on 15 March 2016 in Dubai, UAE. The meeting hosted by the Roads Department of Ministry of Infrastructure Development, UAE and IRF.

The meeting was successful, with16 out of the 35 Council members attending. A total of 51 delegates from eight countries (Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Taiwan) attended the meeting, with Philippines forming the largest delegation of 11 delegates.

Reports tabled by the Finance Committee, Technical Committee, Membership Promotions Committee, and the Honorary Secretary-General’s report were all approved at the meeting. Several important decisions were also made and key proposals adopted, including the plans for the Internship and Fellowship Programme, the preparation for the 104th REAAA Council meeting in Tokyo, Japan, plan of the 15th REAAA Conference in Bali included the plan to set-up Committee members of Mino Best Project Award and input into forthcoming events in REAAA member countries.

REAAA Young Engineers & Professionals (YEP)

The REAAA Young Professional Outreach Program (YEP) was formed as part of the REAAA Strategy Map and Initiatives 2010-2012. The main aim of this program is to ‘represent and provide a voice for young professionals and to encourage a culture of innovation, integrity and a pursuit of excellence’. The criteria to be a REAAA YP member are to be a REAAA member below the age of 40 and, have an engineering background.

IRF & REAAA Renew Partnership

On March 15, the Road Engineering Association of Asia and Australasia (REAAA) and the International Road Federation (IRF) renewed a memorandum of understanding during the 103rd REAAA Council Meeting in Dubai, UAE.

This General Cooperation Agreement aims at strengthening the framework for cooperation mechanisms between IRF and REAAA in the following areas:

• Intra-regional transfer of technology and best practices;
• Information and communication services;
• Seminars, workshops, symposiums and regional congresses in the Asia-Pacific region;
• Educational and scientific programs;
• Implementation of joint research projects and training activities.


The membership of REAAA as at 29 February 2016 was 1,427. The REAAA Council and Chapters have approved the following 88 new members for the period between from 1 October 2015 to 29 February 2016.

The REAAA Internship Programme

The 103rd REAAA Council meeting in Dubai agreed to coordinate an Internship Programme for REAAA members. This programme offers members valuable work experience and opportunity to have new prospective on various processes, procedures and programme in REAAA member countries. The proposal to request each host country to ensure that interns be paid at a level at least comparable to local salaries. Air fares would also be provided. A nominal fee will be levied by REAAA for each participations from the host companies.

The REAAA Fellowship Programme

The 103rd REAAA Council meeting in Dubai agreed to coordinate the Fellowship Programme for REAAA members. This programme offers to sponsor delegates from poor countries selected members who are currently holding a position in member countries in the road fraternity to attend REAAA endorsed conferences as the speaker. The 3 target conferences:

1. The 2nd IRF Asia Regional Congress & Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 2016.

2. ARRB Conference in Australia in November 2016.
3. 15th REAAA Conference in Bali, Indonesia in March 2017.

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