REAAA Newsletter 2017-01

Successful 107th Meeting of REAAA Governing Council in Manila

The REAAA Governing Council held its 107th meeting which was also the 2nd Council Meeting for the 16th Council Term on 20th July 2017 in Pasay City, Manila, Philippines. The meeting was successful, with 24 of the 36 Council members attending. A total of 83 delegates from eight countries (Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand) attended the meeting, with Indonesia forming the largest delegation with 30 delegates. Mr Keiichi Tamura represented PIARC and Ms Ei Myo, the Deputy Director of the Department of Highways, Ministry of Construction, Myanmar, was an observer.

New REAAA President: Engr Romeo S Momo

Undersecretary Romeo S Momo commenced his public service career at the Philippine Department of Public Works and Highways in 1974 as a Civil Engineering. He worked mainly at the CARAGA region holding various positions, including Regional Director, before his promotion to Undersecretary in June 2008.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) degree in 1974 from the University of Mindanao and became a licensed Civil Engineer in 1975. He was awarded a Masters degree in Public Administration from Bukidnon State College in 1997.

REAAA GOVERNING COUNCIL: Officer Bearers (2017-2021)

The REAAA Governing Council comprises representatives from government departments, research institutions, national road associations and individual members of outstanding eminence and long experience in science and practice of road engineering.

15th REAAA Conference 2017

The 15th REAAA Conference was held on 20-24 March 2017 at the Nusa Dua Convention Center in Bali, Indonesia. The theme of the Conference ‘Road for Better Living’, emphasised the important role that roads play in connecting transportation networks and logistic services and promoting economic and rural development. However, road development should also ensure that quality of life, culture, heritage and health of the society is enhanced.

Election of Latest Honorary Members of REAAA

The REAAA Secretariat received 13 nominations from member countries for Honorary Membership for the 15th REAAA Council term. A Scrutinising Committee was set up by the REAAA Governing Council to oversee the election process for the Honorary Membership. The members of the Scrutinising Committee were: Dato’ Sri Dr Judin Abdul Karim (Malaysia – Chairman), Dr Che Hassandi Abdullah (Honorary Secretary-General), Mr Kieran Sharp (Australia), Mr Tri Tjahjono (Indonesia), Dato’ Ir Haji Ismail Md Salleh (Malaysia) and Mr Yap Cheng Chwee (Singapore).

REAAA Mino Best Project Award

The Mino Best Project Award was established in 2016 to recognise outstanding road and/or bridge projects which have recently been constructed in the Asian and Australasian region. The Mino fund was donated by the late Mr Sadamu Mino, who was the Association’s 10th President from 1998 to 2000.

The winning projects were selected from six entries proposed and submitted by REAAA Council Members. The judging panel was selected from REAAA Council Members and the evaluation was carried out based on specific criteria agreed to by the Governing Council.

Presentation of Katahira Awards at 15th REAAA Conference

The Katahira Award was established in 1991 in memory of the late Dr Nobutaka Katahira who was the Association’s President for the 5th Council term from 1983 to 1986. Dr Katahira willed a significant sum of money to REAAA to encourage keen participation among young engineers in the promotion and advancement of science and technology in road development and road-related engineering in the region. The Governing Council for the 6th term decided to use the donation to set up the Katahira Fund. Katahira Awards have been regularly made available to eligible authors who submit papers for presentation at REAAA Conferences.

Report on 5th REAAA Business Forum

The objective of REAAA Business Forums is to facilitate road sector business-to-business collaboration in the road engineering or related sectors and to enhance membership of REAAA from business persons, institutions or companies. The forums are held in conjunction with REAAA Council Meetings or Conferences.

REAAA Fellowship Program

At the 103rd REAAA Council meeting in Dubai in March 2016, it was agreed that REAAA would establish a Fellowship Program. The objective of the program is to provide financial support to REAAA members from developing countries to attend REAAA events as a speaker/delegate. Financial assistance from the sponsors meets travel and accommodation costs as well as a daily allowance for the invited Fellows.

Restructured REAAA Technical Committee

As a means of encouraging more technical input from members, in 2010, eight Technical Sub-Committees were established to operate as a subsidiary to the Technical Committee. With the noted exception of TC-2 (Pavements) and some occasional input from two or three other sub-committees, the initiative, whilst well intended, was a failure. As a result, the sub-committees have been discontinued (apart from TC-2, which will operate until Technical Reports TC-8 and TC-9, for which it is responsible, are published).

11th Young Engineers and Professionals (YEP) Meeting

The 11th REAAA Young Engineers and Professionals (YEP) meeting was held during the 15th REAAA Conference.

The meeting was attended by 38 YEPs from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. Some members of the Governing Council also attended the meeting to act as mentors.

REAAA Technical Report TC-8: Compendium on Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Since its establishment in April 2010, REAAA Technical Subcommittee TC-2 (Pavements) – which is composed of representatives in the pavements field from 11 REAAA member countries – has conducted studies that address issues of mutual interest to its members.

One of the findings – that good maintenance practice results in a durable pavement – led to the selection of ‘pavement maintenance and rehabilitation practices’ as the theme for the second term (2013-2017). The study consisted of the following three tasks:

  1. the preparation of national reports summarising current pavement maintenance / rehabilitation practices in REAAA member countries.
  2. the preparation of an overview of pavement management systems currently adopted in REAAA member countries.
  3. a survey of current practices associated with the recycling of pavement materials.

World Road Association (PIARC) Technical Committee E.1: Adaptation Strategies and Resiliency

The World Road Association (PIARC) Strategic Plan includes Strategic Theme E: Climate Change, Environment and Disasters. The goal of this Strategic Theme is to increase resiliency and protect investments in transportation infrastructure from the impacts of climate change events while, at the same time, lessening the impact of road transportation on the environment. This Strategic Theme includes three Technical Committees, one of which is Technical Committee E.1: Adaptation Strategies and Resilience.

In November 2017, a joint international seminar and workshop will be held in Cuba between PIARC TC E.1, E.3 and A3 (Risk Management), together with the next scheduled Technical Committee meetings.

International Workshop on Disaster Management for Roads

An International Workshop on Disaster Management for Roads was held on 31st May 2017 at the Iidabashi Rainbow Building in Tokyo, Japan. The workshop was co-organized by the World Road Association (PIARC), REAAA, the Japan Road Association and Hanshin Expressway Company Limited. About 120 delegates attended the Workshop. The aim of the Workshop was to exchange information on the latest disaster management practices and to discuss future directions.

North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery

Following the 7.8 magnitude Kaikoura earthquake on 14 November 2016, which brought a million tonnes of rock and debris onto State Highway 1, work has been ongoing to reopen the main State Highway 1 and Main North Line rail link between Picton and Christchurch in New Zealand by the end of 2017.


Dr Kyung-Soo Yoo

Dr Kyung-Soo Yoo is considered to be a person of rich knowledge and vast experience in the roads sector in Korea and in the region. He has dedicated himself to the Korea Expressway Corporation (KEC) since 1977.

Dr Yoo’s relationship with REAAA commenced more than 40 years ago as a junior engineer at the KEC. He has maintained this relationship as a senior engineer, Director and Senior Director at the KEC. In terms of the REAAA Governing Council, he has held positions as representative of the KEC, President of the REAAA Korean Chapter and, most recently, President of REAAA during its 13th term.

Ir Haji Zulakmal Haji Sufian

Ir Haji Zulakmal Haji Sufian has promoted to the Senior Director of Roads Branch, Public Works Department (PWD) Malaysia from 25 August 2017. Ir Haji Zulakmal is the Honorary Secretary-General of REAAA.

Ir Mohamad Zulkefly bin Sulaiman

Ir Mohamad Zulkefly bin Sulaiman has promoted to the Senior Director of Civil Engineering and Structure Branch, Public Works Department (PWD) Malaysia from 25 August 2017. He is the Honorary Secretary General of REAM. The REAM is represented by the Honorary Secretary General of REAM.


The membership of REAAA as at 30 June 2017 was 1,519. The REAAA Council and Chapters have approved the following 101 new members for the period between 1 October 2016 to 30 June 2017.

EFFORT TO CONNECT THE COUNTRY: Technology Support And Basic Infrastructure

WITH the largest portion of infrastructure expenditure this year, amounting to 101, 4 trillion rupiah of the total 387 trillion ru- piah, the Ministry of Public Works and Hou- sing (MPWH) has a great responsibility to carry out the mandate to accelerate the na- tional development. Some of the programs

included in Strategic Plan (Renstra) 2015-2019 among others are developing the strategic areas, promoting wa- ter and food security, connectivity, and improving human settlements quality.