98th Meeting of REAAA Governing Council (2013), Manila, Philippines

The 98th Meeting of Governing Council on 27th September 2013 in Manila, the Philipines.

The meeting was successful, with 22 out of the 34 council members attending. A total of 48 delegates from nine countries (Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Taiwan) attended the meeting, with Indonesia forming the largest delegation of ten delegates.The President, Dr. A. Hermanto Dardak, presided over the meeting. The meeting discussed various issues regarding the operations of the secretariat and approved various reports tabled by the Finance Committee, Technical Committee, Membership Promotions Committee, International Coordination Committee, Katahira Fund Committee and the Honorary Secretary-General’s report. The meeting saw the presentation by the Executive Management Team (EMT) of the REAAA Strategic Plan for 3 years Implementation Plan. The new initiatives and KPIs were developed. There are two step to implementing the strategic plan. First is the recruitment of the CEO and EMT and restructure of the secretariat. Second, which is the main subject of this task is to charge the CEO, EMT and Council with implementing the Strategic Plan by delivering the 3-Year Action Plan.The meeting also saw each member unanimously agreeing on all the items raised by the meeting.  The President expressed the hope that member countries would intensify efforts to attract more members, especially Institutional Members and young engineers. In addition he would like to see each country undertake to provide information regularly upon request, for the benefit of the members and as a way to attract more new members.  This will project REAAA as an active and relevant Association in the region.