23rd REAAA YEP Meeting (2023), Singapore

Ir. Hamzah bin Hashim

Chair, REAAA YEP Working Committee

The 23rd REAAA YEP meeting was held on 8th May  2023 at the offices of the Land Transport Authority  of Singapore (LTA). As customary, YEP meeting was  organized together with 119th REAAA Governing  Council meeting and other associated events  planned by the LTA. This also the first time that  a YEP meeting had been conducted in Singapore  since the YEP was established in 2012. Singapore  is one of the international hubs for many airlines  and airlines from REAAA member countries fly  direct to Singapore making it a smooth traveling  experience for the members.

LTA hosted the meeting in their Digital Lab at  LTA Hampshire office in an effort to promote  LTA business and initiatives in transportation,  roads and highway in Singapore. The lab  has only recently started operation. It has a  modern outlook and up-to-date equipment  which encourage the staff to be more creative  and productive. YEP members and observers  were impressed with the setup of the lab. The  Chairman of YEP Committee, Ir. Hamzah bin  Hashim from Malaysia, started the meeting by  providing a historical background of YEP followed  by ice breaking session. Members from Singapore,  Korea, Philippines and Indonesia attended the  meeting, while members from Japan, Australia,  Taiwan and Malaysia attended virtually. Following  the introduction, each country presented updates.  This agenda allows YEP members to share current  activities with others and replicate back home  where suitable. The meeting also discussed YEP  Technical Working Group C4WC4. The main  objective of the working group is to encourage  members to network with all REAAA countries and provide YEP with an opportunity to present at  international events in the region. Discussion then  centered on the Asia Australasia Road Conference  and the 50th Anniversary of REAAA. The YEP from  Indonesia presented the plan for the proposed  YEP meeting to be held during the 50th Anniversary  celebration. Topic “IoT for Road Design &  Construction” was chosen to be the meeting  theme. YEP will prepare presentations that  address this topic at the next meeting. Meeting  then continued with technical presentation from  Ms. Nyunt Than Than, Assistant Chief Specialist,  Pavement Engineering Singapore. The title of her  presentation was “Analysis and Visualisation for  Pavement Condition Assessment Using Network-  Level Survey Data”.

The meeting concluded with a photo session. YEP  thank the host country for their great arrangement  of venue, and overall planning for this REAAA  event. A pleasant memory of REAAA event in  Singapore shall be scripted in REAAA history.