Report on FEHRL Scanning Tour to South Korea and Japan: Infrastructure Resilience

This report presents the details of a FEHRL Scanning Tour to Korea and Japan in November/December 2016, on the topic of ‘Resilience of the Infrastructure’. The locations visited were Seoul, Korea, and Osaka, Kobe and Tokyo, Japan. Based on existing connections with the Asia region, the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) was appointed as Program Manager to develop this tour in cooperation with FEHRL.

The report provides an outline of the research priorities in Korea and Japan, and key approaches and learnings to enhance infrastructure resilience. It is structured according to the key principles underpinning the concept of resilience, using a collation of presentations and case study examples from the Scanning Tour.

  • The successful conduct of the Scanning Tour resulted in:
  • the establishment of a dialogue regarding challenges for implementing more resilient infrastructure
  • the establishment of mechanisms to share information and experiences regarding the management of resilient infrastructure
  • the identification of practical applications of resilient infrastructure
  • the identification of opportunities for future collaboration.